The Value in Video

                  Finding new ways to attract viewers has always been a challenge in the SEO world. When it comes down to it, ranking a website in the long term is not just about building a large number of links. It’s also about creating high-quality content that will attract links naturally over time. It’s the age-long battle of quality vs. quantity, and it has become fairly clear that the newest contender in SEO is online video. Do your Marketing Basics The first step in any effective communications-style campaign Continue Reading

Case Study: How One Degree Program Increased Their Lead-Flow by 902%


Over the past few years working in higher education marketing, one thing’s become clear: too many universities are throwing insane amounts of money into marketing initiatives and getting absolutely nothing for it.  Lack of knowledge, lack of resources, and lack of oversight are to blame, especially in the private, non-profit sector.  The individuals in charge [...]

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Utilizing University Branding in Internet Marketing


There is no doubting the competitiveness of the higher education field in internet marketing. With factors such as high ROI and strong marketing budgets, many universities spend the time and resources to develop large-scale online marketing strategies. While some online programs are backed by highly respected and well know brands, others may fly under the [...]

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Landing Page Conversion Formula in Higher Education Part 2: Value Proposition


During our first post we were introduced to the Conversion Formula, a heuristic created by Marketing Sherpa. The Conversion Formula provides a way for marketers to understand how to craft landing pages that speak to and convert their target audiences. C = 4M + 3V + 2(I-f) – 2A During this first post, we also [...]

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Leveraging Creativity in Higher Ed Marketing

It’s safe to say that creativity is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. The creative ones stand out and drive engagement, there’s no denying that. Whether you are creating tactical content or strategizing a guerilla marketing campaign, the vertical functions aren’t possible without a sound creative strategy. Creativity is normally generalized into certain [...]

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Why Guest Blogging is Not Dead in Higher Ed


The search marketing world has been on fire lately after Matt Cutts, Google’s head of spam, published this Tweet: It’s a bold statement, and I’m sure it stopped many of us in our tracks as we were sipping our morning coffee.  It definitely caught my attention. To quickly summarize the blog post Matt’s Tweet referenced: [...]

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Increase University Brand Awareness: Shareable Content


2014 is the year of shareable content. If a business wishes to develop their brand online, taking the time to create quality and engaging content to be shared by their target audience and followers is a promising approach. This content can be as simple as a great tweet, or as complex and an intricate infographic [...]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the team at Circa Interactive and the HEMJ! What you can expect from the Higher Education Marketing Journal in 2014: – Exclusive whitepapers for subscribers – Interviews from industry experts – The most advanced and informative higher education marketing articles on the web, including best practices, tips, case studies,a nd more. [...]

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Utilizing the Landing Page Conversion Formula in Higher Education – Part 1 – Motivation


Higher Education, and specifically online Higher Education, is an extremely competitive industry. According to a recent study completed by WordStream, the keyword category “Degree” came in at #8 of the top 10 most expensive keyword groupings within Google Adwords. This is nothing new, as the cost to compete in the online degree marketplace has slowly [...]

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Higher Education Internet Marketing Cheat Sheet

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If you are a professional Internet marketer, whether directly involved in Higher Education Internet marketing or not, this post may seem a little rudimentary. It is merely a glossary of basic terms in order to educate those who are beginners in the field or professionals in surrounding fields who wish to understand the concepts and [...]

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