5 Easy Tools to Take Your Higher Ed Visual Content to the Next Level

It’s no secret that the competition among higher education institutions is stiff. Having a meaningful online presence takes continuous work and nurturing on the part of the program or institution. Additionally, with all of the information that is available and pushed onto consumers, it is even more imperative that marketers come up with new, eye-catching ways to draw readers in. With 98% of 18-24 year olds using social media, it’s an unavoidable and essential outlet for marketing that universities are now taking advantage of. Furthermore, approximately two-thirds of prospective college Continue Reading

Leveraging Research and Faculty in HigherEd Internet Marketing

As outlined in the previous post, the competitiveness of online higher education marketing is at an all time high, and in order to stand out in this over-saturated environment, universities must leverage what makes them unique: their faculty. Mirroring my last post breaking down the marketing opportunities surrounding current students and alumni, this post will […]

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The Challenges & Realities of Higher Education Digital Marketing

Learning (1)

                  Digital marketing in the world of higher education is as competitive as ever and doesn’t look to be easing up anytime soon.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the small to mid-sized colleges and universities to compete, leaving many responsible for generating website traffic, improving rankings, and […]

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Instructional Design: more than just captivating courses

1. Marketing

In the recent HEMJ post Assess for Success, we explored the need for colleges and universities to assess their internal capacity before launching new online degrees. Specifically, we noted three core operational areas, seen at left: Marketing, Recruiting, and Instructional Design. In this article, we’ll explore instructional design in greater detail. Loosely defined as the […]

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Circa Interactive at the 2014 eduWeb Conference in Baltimore

Clayton and Scott

This week Circa Interactive is attending the 2014 eduWeb conference located in Baltimore, Maryland. We traveled across the country and set up our booth with one question in mind: What is your greatest marketing challenge? We are gathering these marketing questions, and in the next couple months, we will answer them on the Higher Education Marketing Journal. […]

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Digital PR: Three Major Trends in the Media

At Circa Interactive, we work with a wide array of university programs, and in order to create high quality links and media placements, we need to be aware of the most cutting edge conversations surrounding our programs to build an effective digital PR strategy and generate backlinks. In order to accomplish this goal, we scour […]

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Assess For Success


                    Despite much gnashing of teeth about the value, flaws, benefits, and perils of online degrees, online higher education is here to stay. For institutions contemplating taking their first degrees online, or those interested in growing their online footprint, forethought and planning are critical. Through targeted, […]

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5 tips for Higher Education Twitter Marketing

Higher Ed Twitter

It’s apparent that twitter has exploded in digital marketing. But it isn’t confined to advertising in the slightest. From churchgoers to third graders, everybody tweets! Short and oh so sweet, Twitter is a must have for higher education marketing. As social media is a beast of many forms, twitter too has limitless applications. It’s much […]

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Leveraging Current and Former Students in Higher Education Internet Marketing


At times, marketing managers may be left scratching their heads when deciding how to attract more students towards their programs. While the Higher Education Marketing Journal covers a number of areas for improvement, one way in particular is taking advantage of the resources already present in the university community, specifically students and alumni. Universities generally […]

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Using Google Analytics in Higher Education to Influence Marketing Decisions


              By: Linda Watson, Rollins College I recently presented a session on Google Analytics at the Hannon Hill, Cascade Server conference. In the short survey I conducted, 100% of the Higher Ed attendees had Google Analytics incorporated on their sites, but fewer than 10% were using analytics to make […]

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