Online Nursing Degrees: a prescription for online success

In the rush to go online, many universities take a “ready, fire, aim” approach, launching programs that are ultimately unsuccessful due to poor planning, underestimating the amount of work and resources needed, and/or failing to understand market demand. All three are program killers, but the latter is the most easily addressed, and one that all university leaders should strive to avoid by conducting relevant market research to study—and heed—the immutable law of supply and demand. Determining market demand for any degree should be the very first step in deciding which online degrees to Continue Reading

How to generate quality Higher Education leads using quizzes


Note: This article was contributed by Josh Haynam, co-founder of Interact. In marketing there is a constant disconnect between the content we produce and the actual qualified leads that come in. It’s incredibly difficult to reconcile the two and still create a stream of really awesome material. As a partial solution to this dilemma, I introduce […]

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Four Lessons from my Internship in Digital Marketing

Dennis' article

Entering a digital marketing internship can be intimidating, especially when the field is in higher education, where you’re being counted on by universities to professionally represent them and help spread their messages. While the responsibilities at Circa Interactive can be greater than many other internship settings, they ultimately drive you to become dedicated to your […]

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Five Ways to Target Potential Students with LinkedIn Paid Ads

Linkedin HEMJ Image

While LinkedIn’s network of working professionals and job seekers isn’t comparable in size to Facebook, it has introduced an advertising platform that is logical and effective. What LinkedIn lacks in volume, it makes up for in it’s straightforward targeting options and accurate audience segmentation which, if leveraged correctly, will produce quality and relevant traffic that can […]

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The Top 4 Qualities of a Digital Marketer in Higher Education


In the Summer of 2011, I left my home state of Missouri and moved to San Diego, California, to pursue my Bachelor in Business Administration from San Diego State University. During my time at SDSU, I recognized my passion for marketing and entrepreneurship, which led me to seek a digital marketing internship in my final […]

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Two Effective Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Online Program on a Limited Budget


Each fiscal year it’s the same drill: you’re handed a marketing budget from finance, walk back to your office, and try to figure out how you’re going to meet your lead goals with a less-than-ideal budget. With often a fraction of the budget you really need, you also get the unsurprising news that lead and […]

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Four Lessons from my Internship in Digital Marketing

Sarah Song, PR Professional

At Circa Interactive, we pride ourselves on building a team of leaders and placing individuals in the best position for success. There is no greater example of this goal than our internship program. We not only work in higher education as marketers, but consider ourselves teachers for future digital marketing professionals. Through partnerships with local universities […]

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Fred’s Favorite University Infographics: Business Edition


There’s no denying the power of well designed and carefully distributed infographics in higher education Internet marketing. These visuals are mighty tools for link building, driving traffic, and building a university’s brand. To take a step back as to how to define an infographic, I asked In the simplest terms, the definition above describes […]

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Creating Custom Images from Scratch – University Events

OU Russ Prize Image

Content is Still King Creativity is becoming more and more commonplace throughout the various facets of marketing and promotion. Gaining a creative edge is crucial for successful higher-education marketing campaigns, and it can be difficult working without a (generally expensive) creative professional. This is a guide to help the everyday marketer design his/her own custom images […]

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5 Must-Follow Higher Education Social Media Accounts

As our team at Circa Interactive create social media calendars and content ideas for our higher education clients, we’ve come across countless other universities who are exceeding the mark with their campaigns. Over the course of the next few months, I will highlight some of the best examples of content created by higher education marketers. Below I’ve chosen […]

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