Digital PR: Three Major Trends in the Media

At Circa Interactive, we work with a wide array of university programs, and in order to create high quality links and media placements, we need to be aware of the most cutting edge conversations surrounding our programs to build an effective digital PR strategy and generate backlinks. In order to accomplish this goal, we scour the Internet and industry specific publications to keep an eye on the trends and narratives developing within our program’s community. This requires watching the media and the story lines for programs like computer science, information systems, coaching education, Continue Reading

Assess For Success


                    Despite much gnashing of teeth about the value, flaws, benefits, and perils of online degrees, online higher education is here to stay. For institutions contemplating taking their first degrees online, or those interested in growing their online footprint, forethought and planning are critical. Through targeted, [...]

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5 tips for Higher Education Twitter Marketing


It’s apparent that twitter has exploded in digital marketing. But it isn’t confined to advertising in the slightest. From churchgoers to third graders, everybody tweets! Short and oh so sweet, Twitter is a must have for higher education marketing. As social media is a beast of many forms, twitter too has limitless applications. It’s much [...]

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Leveraging Current and Former Students in Higher Education Internet Marketing


At times, marketing managers may be left scratching their heads when deciding how to attract more students towards their programs. While the Higher Education Marketing Journal covers a number of areas for improvement, one way in particular is taking advantage of the resources already present in the university community, specifically students and alumni. Universities generally [...]

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Using Google Analytics in Higher Education to Influence Marketing Decisions


              By: Linda Watson, Rollins College I recently presented a session on Google Analytics at the Hannon Hill, Cascade Server conference. In the short survey I conducted, 100% of the Higher Ed attendees had Google Analytics incorporated on their sites, but fewer than 10% were using analytics to make [...]

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Landing Page Conversion Formula in Higher Ed Part 3: Incentives, Friction, and Anxiety


During our first post we were introduced to the Conversion Formula, a heuristic created by Marketing Sherpa, and we focused specifically on Motivation. Our second post was dedicated to V, or the “clarity of the value proposition,” which is an extremely important aspect when creating landing pages within Higher Education. Today we are going to [...]

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The Value in Video


                  Finding new ways to attract viewers has always been a challenge in the SEO world. When it comes down to it, ranking a website in the long term is not just about building a large number of links. It’s also about creating high-quality content that will [...]

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Case Study: How One Degree Program Increased Their Lead-Flow by 902%


Over the past few years working in higher education marketing, one thing’s become clear: too many universities are throwing insane amounts of money into marketing initiatives and getting absolutely nothing for it.  Lack of knowledge, lack of resources, and lack of oversight are to blame, especially in the private, non-profit sector.  The individuals in charge [...]

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Utilizing University Branding in Internet Marketing


There is no doubting the competitiveness of the higher education field in internet marketing. With factors such as high ROI and strong marketing budgets, many universities spend the time and resources to develop large-scale online marketing strategies. While some online programs are backed by highly respected and well know brands, others may fly under the [...]

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Landing Page Conversion Formula in Higher Education Part 2: Value Proposition


During our first post we were introduced to the Conversion Formula, a heuristic created by Marketing Sherpa. The Conversion Formula provides a way for marketers to understand how to craft landing pages that speak to and convert their target audiences. C = 4M + 3V + 2(I-f) – 2A During this first post, we also [...]

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